Concept Plan: Battle of Badr

I’ve made this Concept Plan of Muslim offence in the Battle of Badr (624 A.D) commemorating the day in history (yesterday). Subhan Allah.

As you can see, the supposed 313 soldiers were distributed under 4 commanders in force located around the entire military stance. The lateral attacks were carried out by the only two horse-riders in the army. And the front team was led by the prophet pbuh himself.

Given the level of brilliance that the prophet pbuh displayed prior to the battle as a leader through different sariyyahh (invasions), it’s safe to say that he had his hikmah behind strategizing his troops with this particular formation. And Allah assisted for the rest as promised Alhamdulillah.

Prayer and Practicality- A Muslim Perspective: Part II

I wrote about prayer and it’s practicality in this very blog a few months back. Check that out here-

In that article, I’d focused on the worldly view of prayers of a Muslim. I had shown how we could look at the Islamic prayer system from a whole new angle especially for the reverted and non-practising muslims. The practising muslims would not have troubles going through the daily supplications without being told what they are doing. But for their counterparts- the less practising muslims, it’s necessary to enlighten them with a whole new dimension to the prayers and supplications just to inspire them to get started in the first place. Once they are habituated with the routine, the rest of the dots are guaranteed to be taken care of by Allah.

Today, we are going to look over another aspect of the practicality of prayers we are dealing with here. In the mentioned article, I emphasized on one of the worldly gains from prayers- satisfaction. The satisfaction being the convinced state of mind from performing a particular supplication despite not receiving what one prayed for is what motivates a person to continue trusting in the prayer system and God. In this blog, I will be talking of a different form of ‘satisfaction’- not the one that compromises with God but which directly connects with Him.

The literal meaning of Islam is “Submission to God” deriving from the root “Salam” or “Peace”. The world media while overrepresenting Islam to be a peaceful religion makes the mistake of confusing the two different words and their meanings. The term “submission” goes buried in the discussion whereas it should’ve been the focal point of the matter. I intend to write about this particular term in details in the future if God wills.

Submission has to play a huge role when we pray to God for something or in general. Usually, the submissive nature in a person is written out to be somewhat demeaning and embarrassing. Someone who submits to injustice or unfair pressure- is generally the one who represents a population nurturing cowardice; someone who submits to adversities of life and it’s flow is regarded a loser in life and so on. But the difference strikes when you compare this political definition of “submission” to a divine definition of “submission”. Submission to creation may be a bit controversial in terms of one’s manhood. But whatabout submission to the Creator? Is it also demeaning?

If we define a separation between two very distinct but generalized classes- the equation has to be clearer. When we talk of submission, whether we like it or not, we are basically submissive to a higher power almost every second of our life. For example, living in a state and by it’s rules is a form of submission. Such submission doesn’t really disturb our self-esteem because that’s how this capitalistic culture has grown to be for centuries. We believe in a ranking order in our society. The higher we reach out to, the more submissive we get. Now, let’s classify the two generalized groups we were talking about earlier- the Creator and His creation. If we believe in classes and order within the creation, it’s easily conceivable that the Creator holds the highest power above us. So, a formal submission is rightfully and unequivocally due.

In our prayers, we call out to God for forgiveness and enlightenment. This call-out is nothing but an expression of submission to the one God we pertain to. Now, what could possibly be the practical use of this submission? Submission to a state earns us a provision to live out a decent life. What does submission to an unseen power get us at all? The answer is Satisfaction. Again, it’s a holistic gain, something only a practising believer can experience. The submission to one God may sound a little cheesy to some. But when we rephrase it into Submission to nothing but my God, it sounds sensible, doesn’t it? It stems from faith and faith takes you the halfway. Any sincere prayer or any desperate supplication is based on that realistic realization of a divine intervention.


Glass Wall: An Observation

Are self destructive feelings common within a particularly bulky population of human beings? Is it a natural tendency to undergo a feeling of automated dissatisfaction with our own selves from time to time? The answers to these enquiries are a little bit of tricky to look for. Because, there is a sense of secrecy nurtured by the individuals who feel in the certain said ways. And there’s no one else other than whoever engaged or are engaging in this emotional charge that you can possibly extract the required information from. So, to statistically decide on the conclusion to the matter would be quite difficult to achieve.

However, we could still attempt to pinpoint some of the methods to develop an understanding of such a consistent inherence within the human mind. All we need is an open-minded approach coupled with an input of empathy towards the supposed subjects we would involve ourselves with.

Checking On The Mental Health. The most important aspect of a mind should be its wellbeing overall. It’s a very serious notion; probably the most serious one that we overlook on a daily basis. How many of us, the parents, ask our little ones if they are fine and at peace or not? How many of us, the teachers, ask our students if they were feeling right while assigned with a specified task or a homework? How many of us, the friends, ask our dear chums if they are doing well with his family or himself? Without pressing on the subject, you can’t expect to have helped anyone despite your claim to do so. On the other side of the wall, the ones dealing with the whole lot are then occupied with the idea that they are already going unnoticed and so their life is designed that way to go on forever. That, even if it’s wrong, even if he’s actually loved and cared for but not shown in an explicit manner, is enough to feed him the self-destructive thoughts he’d be left with at nights. Although, I wouldn’t only blame ourselves for not reaching out when the loner needed us the most. In fact, I feel that the connection has to be a two-ways build. Whatabout him reaching out to us first with the problems? Is he a total introvert? Or just an adamant being with a one dimensional outlook on almost everything? His attitude has to factor in this hugely complex scenario where he’s not the only one victimized. Yet, if he’s called out and none listened, that would be the gravest carelessness one could really display towards his children, students or friends.

Romanticising Suicides. Let’s take an example of the famous TV series 13 Reasons Why. I myself have watched only the first season since that’s the adaptation of the novel of the same name. The book had already come under criticism for its featuring a very simplistic and normalised view on suicides taking place among teenagers. The series just told the story in a more graphical way. With a depressed and suicidal “protagonist” on the role, it was likely that the recognition from its fans would be of a more liberal form. I don’t see how such manipulation within the human mindset could be any difficult. People usually adhere towards the victims- rightly so, but when the mainstream media use that clinging tendency as their focal point to sell anything on the board, it easily becomes an ethical issue. Leave the Netflix alone for a while though they pose a severe impact upon the youth of today and it’s widely known but not acknowledged yet. Let’s just look at the broad picture of the grand news portals and channels representing the suicide events. The best narratives they provide are about how the suicide came about- a brief life story or a piece of suicide chit. What solution are the newsmen providing? Or are they at least acknowledging the efforts that the parents, the friends and the spouses of the victims had undertaken? No, they are rather demonizing the society around the event in every case which is hilarious because they themselves are a part of the system. They are simply escaping their responsibilities and we are failing to see that on a holistic basis. Howabout celebrity suicides? The bold headlines on the cover mostly look like this- “Lost in life, won in death”- you get the gist of it. The followers of those celebrities then decide on the path they should walk on, because hey, that’s who they aspire to be. The point is, that the mainstream printed and digital media are sugarcoating the act of suicide with dramatic climaxes is not just promoting the act on a whole but also inciting suicidal feelings among a large number of young people who are affiliated with the media on a necessary level indeed. Sympathy is essential. But representation becomes a model of the complexities we create ourselves.

Most of my posts on this blog come off from less research and more experiences and observations. I’ve spent a short life with much more realizations than most of the western people with privileged commodities. Writing from that corner gives me a space to reconsider my steps every day of my life and I feel that’s how it should be for each individual- to ponder upon the choices he makes. So, if anything is there that you disagree with, please feel free to comment and engage with me. After all, knowledge is the only thing that saves you the click and your life- apparently. Peace be with you.

Burn Alone!

Judgement is a heavy responsibility. With life taking turns, I’ve come to understand the more of it. Perspectives differ within this massive spectrum of people representing different cultures around the world. In some cases, everyone is right in their own way but we fail to respect that. At other times, everyone is wrong but we still waste time badgering over dominance. However, there is a third scenario where “right” is a solid term- unnegotiable; in that there’s only one. Such is the concept of sociopathy. People who bully others in the name of it are clearly disarrayed themselves. Their role in the society is faked and overrepresented while the truth is one- they’re utterly wrong.

It doesn’t make you a sociopath or an anti-social entity if you love to hang out with a very few people close to your heart. You are independent and free to choose your own peer-group that you feel comfortable around. So, you shouldn’t be offended and disheartened when the party lovers call you a nerd just because you have chosen your study session over their picnics and g2g. Don’t get mad when they don’t give a damn care if you’re okay or not when you’re sick just because you’re not there when they wanted you to be. Because you have the world in the friends you’ve chosen to be with. As long as you’re maintaining yourself, decently approaching everyone, politely dealing with the lot and thinking wide enough to ignore such people who think you’re wrong just because you love to stay alone and away from them, you have no guilt to account for. You’re not an anti-social or a sociopath because of your choice of friends and of how you want to spend the day.

The treatment is same for the introverts. In fact, they are the ones suffering most because of the practice. Who do they have? Except probably a prayer mat! You have to build in the mechanism of ignoring these sorts. Seek help from where you feel protected and safe and special. Choose your people. Find your mirror. Bond over who you are; not who they want you to be.

Be alone. Burn alone.


আমি কে? অতৃপ্ত আত্মা? নাকি কোন অসহায় অশরীরী মাংস? ক্লান্ত সকালের প্রথম ঘন্টায় বাতি নিভাই। চোখ রক্তলাল; পোক্ত কলিজা বুকে নিয়ে যাই শুদ্ধাচারের খোলস পড়ে আসতে। ধু দুপুরে মাঝ প্রহরের অসহ্য তাপ, আর একটু বিষন্নতা। খারাপ লাগে না আর। খারাপ লাগেনা বিকেল গড়িয়ে সন্ধ্যের দিকে সুসঙ্গে হেঁটে যাওয়া। কারণ আমি অভিনেতা। বিশাল তো আমার ক্ষেত্র, ক্ষুদ্র প্রয়াসে মিথ্যের ব্যস্ততায় গড়ে তোলা। আর তারা? তারা আবার অতিরিক্ত ছলে আসক্ত, মায়ায় অবিরত আমার সাথে। আমিও তাই, আমিও তাদের প্রেমে-ই অভিনেতা। আমার পরত যেমন আমায় আড়াল করে, তেমনি দূরে রাখে তাদের। আমার জাল শুধু বুনো হাতীদের জন্যই নামে- একটু একটু করে। টের পেতে দেওয়া যাবে না যে! শেষ ধাপে গিয়েই কাটা পড়বে সব-ই; আমিও- আর আমার করা নীলের উপর খয়েরী ছাপের নকশাটা। আফসোস থাকবে না আমার; লজ্জা তো আগেই গায়েব। তবে কষ্ট, আমার কষ্ট তারা টুকে নিবে নিজের উপর করে।

রাতের দুই রেখার কোণে যাত্রা শুরু হয় দানবটির। মশারীর ফাঁকে ছোট্ট একটা বর্গ খুলে যায়, হঠাৎ ই আর আয়োজন না করে। একটু আলো সে বর্গে, স্বর্ণালী আর আমার আঙুলের তিলে যেন টান পড়ে জোরে। চোখ মেলে দেখি, আমিই সেই আলো। দানবের সূর্যটা পূর্ণিমার মত স্বচ্ছ, তবুও ঝলকে দেওয়ার জন্য সে আমায় ডাকে। পরিচয় পর্বে সে আমায় ভড়কে দেওয়ার চেষ্টায় থাকে অদৃশ্য। কিন্তু স্বপ্নটা ভাঙে না। কারণ সে জানেনা যে আমিই এই স্বপ্নের দ্বিতীয়মাত্র দ্রষ্টা। সে ভুলে যায়, তার আশ্রয়টা আমার হাতে করে দেওয়া আর তার ঘরের দর্পণটাও আমার প্রলেপেই গড়া। আমি আমি বলেই তার অস্তিত্ব, আমি আছি বলেই তার দম্ভ করা।

আমিই দানব- তুই কোন দুইদিনের ছোকরা!

5 Things I Do To Feel Alive

It’s not everyday in human life we can feel all empowered and important. After one groggy morning every once in a while, our whole perspective on the universe may change abruptly. But how necessary is it to feel the very existence we are representing? How often do we respect the being that we are? When have we last felt that “This is what life’s all about”? As a lazy mass of flesh myself, the absence of that lively feeling has always made me realize time-to-time that I need something, even with a regular interval, to feel alive again.

The 5 things I’ve accomodated here are not totally subjective to ponder upon. In fact, I believe a lot reading my article will be able to relate with all the five exactly or most of them for sure. Also, those wondering how life works should explore the options themselves and apply the practices to their own life and find out whether they have similar feelings as me or not.

1. Enjoying Family Time

The young lifespan I’ve covered so far has taught me one thing with maturity if nothing else- there’s no one in the whole wide world dearer to you than your family. We are innately attached by the family bonds as we are born. Growing up and hitting puberty may alter some views in this regard. We develop a sense of differences with the family members owing to the technological distancing and generation gap between us. But in the long run, the ultimate shelter remains in the arms of our parents and in the company of our siblings. I’m unmarried myself. I don’t know how to connect the family of my own to this dot yet; but looking at my parents makes it whole lot easier to prepare for the experience. Spending some quality time with my family has always helped me expand my practical knowledge like this. There’s a certain call of belonging that I feel nowhere else whenever I’m discussing stuff with my old folks or watching something interesting with my siblings or having a family dinner somewhere together. Given my family is still with me, or rather I’m with them, I can basically choose to be happy around them which is the best part. I pray to God, everyday, that my deathbed is surrounded by these very few people I’ve loved forever and ever.

2. Travelling & Hiking

I’ve always counted myself out from the gathering and crowds of unnecessary proportions. But did that turn me into a lone wolf? Maybe to some extent, I’ve grown to celebrate my solidarity and make the best use of the situation- but that’s a Blog for another day. When it comes to travelling and touring across the country, I’ve not resorted to singular exploration. A very few people in my life have earned the respect and the right to be called as my best of friends or ‘friends’ in a whole. And these are the very few people I’d love to journey anywhere with. A feeling of festivity is always perceived whenever and wherever we come together to meet up and chat and feast. The fact that they can slip out of a busy schedule just to meet me makes me feel special and I hopefully believe that the feeling is mutual. And to turn that meeting into an idea of spending a day and a night on road together is always extremely delightful. However, there’s another beautiful aspect to travelling a lot that goes with the article title of today and it is somewhat literal. Especially on the adventures on the sea or hiking up a hill or strolling across a forest, the immediate anticipation of danger breaks the mold of comfort around me and in a way, sets me free. To walk with death in sight has to make you feel alive as a cat. Crazy!

3. Brainstorming & Research

Having an academic background in biological science and being a student of the discipline of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, one can tell that my inclination towards research work is imminent and mandatory- especially when it’s the field of interest I’ve chased myself. But due to the tight curriculum and the pressure of tests, papers and orals, this passion of mine wasn’t manifested until recently. I have been working through the pandemic of COVID 19 with my labmates of our dry lab online. Not that I enjoy a workaholic day when I’m not engaged in any other textbook activity, but being involved with the work I’m getting the grip of always helps me attain my potentials. The most interesting part of a research programme to me is the brainstorming session. This is not like a night before a test where I’m trying to gallop as much as I can before I barf them on the paper next morning. It’s more genuine and begs for more creativity on spot. This is what I enjoy- using myself and my ideas for something unique and brilliant. This year, I’ve worked on a total of 4 papers- 2 research articles and 2 reviews. I’ve already published one as of now. I believe among all the negativities of this calendar year, I’ve done at least a bit of something to be proud of. With every idea generation session in our messenger group, every piece of writing of the manuscript texts and every citation by EndNote, goes every ounce of my passion and love for the work.

4. Volunteering On Field

Most of the things that we expect from and engage in life strangely encompass our own desires and satisfaction. Little do we think about the life on the other side of our glass walls. But the duty- whether we acknowledge it or not, remains upon us to level the grounds facilitating an elevation in underprivileged class. I proudly lead a very simple non-profit of my own, comprising of people that I trust and share the same views with. Our success story is based on your charity and we mainly work around the particular region I grew up in. I have quite an ambitious dream of expanding our attempts nationwide. Because my experience with my team has taught me a lot of things over the years- that we are massively privileged to be living a life that is a lofty luxury for most people in the world. Just an act of smile can change someone’s day and that smile then counts as a charity. This is how easy and precious volunteering and charity can be. And to be walking in the same shoes that our counterparts walk in is the most amazing experience one can muster as a dedicated volunteer. I feel alive everytime I’m in the venue of volunteering because I can then plainly differentiate the blessings I’ve been gifted with and practise gratefulness. The beauty of charity is that any able individual can take part and see as to how it spiritually functions to freshen his inner self. Anyone cordially willing to help out a single soul will feel the awesomeness like a blade after he has reached out to it.

5. Praying

Prayers are just formalities to some, obligations to others. Considering them as optionals is common among a good number of people as well. Faiths differ, so do the styles of praying to God but the universal goal of performing supplications has been found similar in almost all the cultures- to near to God through a connection that is divine. As a monotheist myself, the idea of praying is to please and earn acquaintance with the one God. We celebrate His oneness through submitting ourselves to His will and to none other. All the more reasons to feel alive through praying to Him include the gist of satisfaction from that submission. We are definitely free but are shackled at the same time by the law of God- how wonderful that is! This is the freedom I’ve intrinsically wanted my whole life. I bow down to no one but my Creator because only He has the authority to judge me. In praying, I have the opportunity to be thankful and be humble for everything that I was chosen for. He holds my death and so I’m here- well and alive- what more do I need to celebrate my life? I know this one is only for the theists and it appeals particularly to the non-practising ones. I myself am verily inconsistent with my prayers but I plan to change that one day; because what I felt everytime I knelt down for serenity can’t be compared with any type of materialistic gain in the world.

Prayer and Practicality- A Muslim Perspective

Ever since we’ve aged enough to make sense of religion and spirituality, the practice of prayers or supplications has been brought to us as means of completing an obligation towards God. If we keep flipping on the pages of scriptures, the primary goal of dedicated praying stands out to be experiencing that spirituality- ultimately leading to the eternity of happiness or what we call ‘afterlife’. It is altogether conceived that with the belief in existence of heaven and hell comes trial and responsibility to attend to the maximal success one can capitalize for the eternity. That’s as easy as it sounds for a spiritual individual attempting to prepare himself for the face-off. But how can we explain the nature of a particular exercise; in this case, any religious system of supplication or prayer, to someone who is at best skeptical of it’s motivation? As a muslim, for the purpose of Dawah, I have rather opted for a little unorthodox approach of looking at this amazingly essential aspect of my religion. The terms used below are only accessible to the Muslim and Arabic audiences.

To me, the reason behind most of our lack of commitment to supplication in regularity is overlooking the very worldly view of it. Now, I’m not disregarding the fact that prayer is prioritised to be our door to ease our afterlife. But if we pay attention, the wordly gain from the practice is no less in any way either.

For instance, the prayer of Tahaddud (Night prayers). Now its a sublime way of earning Taqwa (Fear of God) and nearing to God of course. But this supplication is evidently (shariyaah sources) known to be a secret way to connect to Allah and get our du’as (prayers) answered immediately.

Then take Du’a in a whole. The very concept of Du’a though not entirely based on worldly wishes, calls for our inner cravings to be sent out to the Almighty. So, we pray for something special and we are entitled to receive a decision from God- also derived from the shariyaah sources.

So what are the promised worldly gains of our supplications? Number one is gotta be “Satisfaction”. That’s almost everything we need to be happy, to be content. That’s a gain that if we have it, our faith becomes strengthened and more powerful in terms of expression. This satisfaction in praying to God either entirely covers our life here or leads to the other gains.

Then, we get our prayers answered immediately or when we need them to be answered the most or never answered. In the last case, satisfaction comes to play again. Belief in Taqdeer or destiny just keeps things the way that they are and helps us just cool down for a bit.

The reason I’m saying all this is because, we ain’t no sahaba/tabe’ins (best of our most pious generation). We are less scared of afterlife and death and much more engaged in this life. We like to think about organizing our life to our fullest of ambitions even if we know that we can’t and like to pray for that life. That’s why, to call someone upon our way of life (Islam), we gotta expect baby steps. And to lead from a world of materialistic setup to a divine one, the road has to begin from the earlier. So, it’d be a lot easier for us if we consider our supplications to be a successful way for our permissible worldly gains and that in a sense will definitely lead us to the required hidayah (enlightenment) anyway in sha Allah. JajakAllah

Chronological vs Non-chronological Thinking: Affecting Dreams

Chronological or linear thinking has limited our perceptions so harshly that we now tend to think that reality is too simple; whereas our brain functions with more complexities through our subconscious state of mind. We always think of reaching up to one certain conclusion from an event of occurence excluding all the other possibilities from that particular event. We rush on to the consequences of an incident or an accident or a decision without thinking of the overall impact of it all around the system. We don’t really look for the solutions to our innermost problems with a proper perspective from all the corners. We stick to looking for the “next good/bad thing” just by letting it all slide away rather than having a broader vision of the “now thing”.

That’s why the concept of non-chronological or non-linear thinking has to be propounded in our mindset and rooted within our belief system. We have to be more conscious, more aware and have a wider window to look at things happening around us. We have to respect the being that we are and interact with people according to the social protocols along with our personal outlooks on important matters.

When we dream, it is our experience that bolsters our chances to gain lucidity. With the help of non-linear thinking hypothesis we will be able to experience more by training our belief system to be ready for more. Because, we can’t expect to explore the sky if we keep believing that there is actually a sky. By following the non-linear thinking pattern, we will be able to build up our critical awareness to have a profound experience of lucidity in the future.

To The Happy Dreamers!

We sleep away almost 20% of our life knowing that it’s necessary, that it’s essential for our growth but little do we know about how to utilize this natural process as a tool to bring out the best of our mind.

We dream abnormal but we don’t connect. We dream fantasies but we don’t explore. We dream special but we don’t care. We just let them remain dreams, not the mediums to communicate with our inner self. We let our subconscious take over our emotions into the dreams.

But the truth is that if we put in a little try we should be able to do just the opposite. We can reverse the “idea” that the subconscious is independent because it is not. With a sea of self confidence and a bit of efforts we can control our own subconscious and drive ourselves into the Infinite World of the Dream Realm bound only by imagination; which is infinite itself and see the results ourselves how this particular journey interacts with our conscious life and actually improves it in the long run.

I am going on, ARE YOU?

The day I started lucid dreaming, I became a part of the world I would never get involved with otherwise. This is a world that unburdens me of all the anxieties and horrors of my regular life and releases me of the stresses that should go ignored.

Thanks to the works of Sigmund Freud, Stephen Laberge, Marc Vandekeere and the correspondent youtubers- Daniel Love and Stefan mostly. This is a sublime experience cycle. And I’m proud I have pulled off the techniques so well over a year now. Happy Dreaming, folks!

Radical Rokeya

অনেক মডার্ণ এন্টি-ফেমিনিস্টরা বেগম রোকেয়ার ফেমিনিজমকে স্ট্যান্ডার্ড ধরে বর্তমান ফেমিনিজমকে বাতিল করে দেন। ব্যাপারটা ফানি ই বটে। সেদিন এক থ্রেডে দেখলাম বেগম রোকেয়া নাকি বর্তমান ফেমিনিজমের ফর্ম দেখলে আত্মহত্যা করতেন। এক্ষেত্রে আমার মতামত হবে- না, উনি এই ফেমিনিজমের রূপ দেখে বিন্দুমাত্র ও আফসোস করতেন না; বরং সাদরেই এই বিশ্রী কালচারটাকে আপন করে নিতেন।
নারী শিক্ষার অগ্রদূত হিসেবে যে আখ্যা বেগম রোকেয়া পেয়েছেন সেটা অনেকক্ষেত্রে হয়ত ভ্যালিড৷ কিন্তু ফেমিনিস্ট হিসেবে বেগম রোকেয়ার বিশ্বাস, তার মতাদর্শ বর্তমান ট্রেন্ড এর সাথে হাতে হাত রেখে চলমান। আমরা যদি আজকের ফেমিনিজমকে কন্ডেম করি তাহলে তা মূলত ধর্ম বিদ্বেষ আর পুরুষ বিদ্বেষের কারণে। ধর্মের কথা বলতে গেলে তো আজকাল আবার এক্ট্রিমিস্ট ট্যাগ লাগাতে হয়; রিলিজিয়াস ডক্ট্রিন নাকি সবার সাথে শেয়ার করা যাবে না- আমার দ্বীনের দিকে দাওয়াত ও আমি দিতে পারবো না। তাই ওটা আপাতত স্টল করে রাখলাম।
ফেমিনিজম মানে যদি শুধু নারী অধিকার রক্ষা করা হতো হয়ত আমিসহ অনেকেই সামনের সারির ফেমিনিস্ট হতাম। কারণ আমার রিলিজিয়ন প্র‍্যাক্টিস করাতে আমি নারী অধিকার নিশ্চিত করতে বাধ্য। কিন্তু সম-অধিকারের (যেটা কখনোই কোন রিয়েল টার্ম হতে পারে না) জায়গায় আবার যখন পুরুষ বিদ্বেষ চলে আসে তখন ব্যাপারটা হিপোক্রেসির দিকে চলে যায়। বেগম রোকেয়ার মেন্টাল সেটাপ ঠিক সেরকম ই ছিলো। পুরুষদেরকে কুকুরজাত থেকেও নিম্ন জাত বলা (ডেলিশিয়া হত্যা), তাদের দ্বারা স্বর্ণালংকার দিয়ে আবদ্ধ হয়ে থাকা (মতিচুর) কিংবা ধর্মগ্রন্থগুলোকে “Man-made” [Emphasizing on “MAN”] হিসেবে ইলজিকালি উপস্থাপন করা (আমাদের অবনতি) – এতকিছুর পর ও ক্লাসিকাল ফেমিনিজমের রোল মডেল হিসেবে বেগম রোকেয়ার নাম কিভাবে নেন আপনারা জানতে ইচ্ছা করে।
আজকের লিবারেল/সেকুলার/ফেমিনিস্টগণের দিকে তাকালে আমরা কি উপরোক্ত রিফ্লেকশন দেখতে পাই না? “নারী এখন আর আবৃত থাকবে না”- প্রোপাগান্ডার হোতা কি “মতিচুর” এর সেই বিধ্বংসী কথাগুলো নয়? আরেকদিন দেখলাম এক ঢাকা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের আপু ঝড় তুলছেন কেন তাকে বিয়ে করতে হবে তা নিয়ে! তিনি ক্যারিয়ার গড়েই বিয়ে করতে চান। অবশ্যই এটা তার ব্যক্তিগত মতামত। কিন্তু যখন তিনি তার মতামতের স্বপক্ষে আমাদের ধর্ম ও পুরুষতান্ত্রিক সমাজব্যবস্থাকে দায়ী করেন তখন ই মনে পড়ে যায় বেগম রোকেয়ার আখ্যা দেওয়া পুরুষ-দূত আর কুকুরজাতের কথা। শুধুমাত্র প্রোপার এক্সপোজারের সুযোগ পাননি বলে বেগম রোকেয়া আজকের ট্রেন্ডটা ১০০ বছর আগেই শুরু করে দিতে পারেন নি। আজকের ফেমিনিজম নামক কালসাপের বেসিস বেগম রোকেয়ার মডার্নাইজেশনের ই যে ফসল তা এখন ক্রমশ স্পষ্ট হচ্ছে।
নারী হবে সুন্দর। আমার জীবনে আমি যত নারীকে ভালবেসেছি, আমি ভালবেসেছি তারা শুধু নারী বলে নয়, তাদের এক অদ্ভুত ক্ষমতা দিয়ে সৃষ্টিকর্তা প্রেরণ করেছেন বলে। একটা মসৃণ কোমলতা, আপন করে নেওয়ার চরম প্রবণতা আর ফ্যামিলি ম্যানেজমেন্ট এর আনপ্যারালাল দক্ষতা- নারীর এই স্বকীয়তা ধরে রাখতে না পারলে আপনি আর কিসের স্বাধীনতা রক্ষা করলেন? আপনার ইন্সপিরেশন যদি হয় বেগম রোকেয়া আর তার অবাস্তব সৃষ্টি, নগ্নতা আর কুমারীত্ব যদি হয় আপনাদের মুক্ত হওয়ার মূলমন্ত্র, দুঃখিত আপনি আর নারীজাতির মধ্যেই নেই। জাযাকাল্লাহু খাইরান।

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